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Jan. 11th, 2009

Quick! How many social scenes can you name?

I'm trying to compile a list of social scenes out there, and failing with The Google on The Internets.

Social scene is defined in the context as someone who primary hangs out or drawn to a particular group.

Off the top of my head I have (some are social settings others are music/dance scenes):

Home, Geek/Techie, Goth, Rock, Punk, Cyber, Tribal, Hippy, Rave

And for The Gays (male - tends to be sexually oriented):

Bear, Leather, Twink, Jock, Muscles, Drag, Cowboy,

Of course, I'm drawing a complete blank for wymmin scenes..

I know there are more other there -- can you name a few?

-- Michael

Nov. 16th, 2008

Dune (the movie) that never was...

johnromkey emailed me and Bob about this io9.com/5088014/costume-designs-and-storyboards-from-the-dune-that-never-was

Here's what I wrote back:

The costumes look to be a cross between Yellow Submarine and French Renaissance with a dash of LSD.

"I did not want to respect the novel, I wanted to recreate it. For me, Dune did not belong to Herbert as Don Quixote did not belong to Cervantes . . ."

Snorts line of coke. "Yah, I sorta like the book", rub nose, sniff quickly, "but Dude! I've got some FUCKIN' AWESOME ideas to make it way better... " Proceeds to the next line.

Pink Floyd would have definitely been a better choice than Toto.

-- Michael

Nov. 11th, 2008

Recommendations on books?

I've been stuck in a SciFi/Fantasy book mode for a while and want to break out of that habit.

So, what recommendations do you have for books that are non-SciFi/Fantasy?

My only request is the book should not be ergodic literature - i.e. books like Infinite Jest or House of Leaves where multiple bookmarks and folding space-time are required to read.

-- Michael

Oct. 14th, 2008

Maybe McCain and Palin should win..

Ha! Now that I have your attention..

There's been a theory floating around my head for a few months now. Some friends have heard this story already.

So, lets just say we end up McCain/Palin administration. Here's a scenario that could possibly play out:

1. President McCain dies a few months into his term. He's had several rounds with health problems in the not so distance past, particular with four bouts of skin cancer. Statistically going through cancer treatments does lower your life span. He's been through four. While such treatments are very mild in relative comparison to say something like breast, ovarian or prostate cancer. It still has an effect on your body.

2. Palin, the VP, becomes President. Everything in her behavior suggest she's prone to abusing her position and easily makes enemies. She also seems very ill prepared for the "big boys" up on the hill, let alone deal with the normal demands of the office. She ends up foobaring one too many times, and pisses off the wrong people (i.e. a House and Senate that are on track for to hold a true major this election cycle). The House decides to step in and impeach her. The Senate up holds the House's decision, and goes for conviction. She is sent off packing back to the meth capital of Alaska.

3. So, who takes office next? The Speaker of the House - Nancy Pelosi, Democrat, the second female US President.

So maybe it won't be too bad, not great, but hey.

-- Michael

PS. As I said in a twitter posting - Is Palin really Ned Flanders in drag?

Sep. 10th, 2008

Accurate breakdown of the candidates policies?

Does anyone have the pointer to a website(s) which breaks down Barack's and McCain's proposed policies that are not loaded with bipartisan crap and spin?

Me feels a week bit ignorant on their supposed solutions....

Jul. 21st, 2008

The Muppets Discover YouTube

Mar. 20th, 2008

Santiago & Easter Island pictures up

I managed to get off my butt and upload some photos from the Santiago and Easter Island trip:

Easter Island:




-- Michael

Jan. 16th, 2008

Easter Island is . . .

Easter Island is . . .

- Full of Maoi (aka The Heads)
- Lots of Germans who insist on smoking, drinking and talking very loudly right out side your screen door that is ajar for ventilation
- Stocked with wild horses, chickens, and dogs who roam as they please. (Its very cute.)
- Scorching hot with a very cool tropical breeze to dupe you into thinking naw, you really don't need the sun screen.

More detail report to follow once this blogger and his laptop has reached a reliable Internet router.

Oct. 9th, 2007

Day 6 of John and Mike's Excellent Adventure

Starting Point: Kansas City, MO
Ending Point: Indianapolis, IN
Roads: I-70
Distance Travelled: ~485 miles

The adventure is winding down! Only 2 days left before hitting home now...

Our big distraction today was stopping in St. Louis, MO and seeing the great Arch. This thing was built in 1946-1947-ish time period, just a couple of years after War World II. Mostly its a concrete frame with a stainless steel skin. Of courses photographs were taken outside and from the top. I'll want to get one or two shots developed into 10x15 or larger.

The arch sits in a park on the west side of the Mississippi, with an underground complex of tourist shops, bathrooms, and a tram system below ground. You decent underground and of course go through metal detectors and x-ray luggage scans.

To get to the top of the arch, tickets are purchased for $10 per adult (*cough*) and you head to the "north" or "south" end of the complex and descend further underground. For today, only the north side tram was running. The tram consists of eight cars. Each cars is circular disc on its side, very cramped and seats 5 very intimately if you are a normal sized American. The car looks like a cross between a 1920s modern style travel pod updated with 1990s amusement theme park engineering (fiberglass seats, and indirect lighting). The ride takes about 3 minutes to get to the top yet seems long due to the poor ventilation, no visibility, and the desire to be out of the damn thing before you start smelling you and your just meet tram buddy. Thankfully at the top is very well ventilated.

Only a few minutes were spent at the top, there's really not much to see at 600 ft above St. Louis. The viewports are very small, maybe 2 feet tall by 4 feet long.

I kept thinking about the materials used back in the 1940s to construct it, and kept wondering what future national monuments will be made out it. How about carbon nano-tubes? The entire structure could be one big battery store.

Around 9pm we arrived into Indianapolis and checked into the hotel. Except most of the parking lot was blocked off for resurfacing. The hotel manager actually pulled his car out for us, so we could park. Oh boy.

Next stop Buffalo, NY!

Party on dudes..

Oct. 8th, 2007

Day 5 of John and Mike's Excellent Adventure

Starting Point: Denver, CO
Ending Point: Kansas City, MO
Roads: I-25, I-70
Distance Travelled: ~600 miles

Denver was left behind and we slowly made our way from 5200 feet down to around 700 feet elevation. By the end of the day, all signs of high elevation effects were pretty much gone. Yah mental coherency!

Western Colorado and Eastern Kansas were fairly boring. Miles and miles of very flat unending farm land. Just across the Kansas border the speed limit dropped from 75 mph down to 70mph.

Heading into Eastern Kansas we started seeing the classic midwestern road side billboards - various Jesus signs, say no to abortion sighs, fireworks for sale signs, and the "Come See The Largest Prairie Dog" signs. A crucial adjective, "live", was missing from the later.

Oddly, we also drove past several road side adult bookstores. This also turns out to be Russell Stovers Chocolates land. There is a Stovers factory on one side of I-70, and an adult bookstore on the other. That could explain somethings about Stover's quality.

Through the Nevada side of Day 1 through Day 4, we saw maybe 3 cops at most, total. Usually, traveling in the opposite direction. In Kansas, there must have been around 5 to 6, all had someone pulled over presumably for speeding.

Porn, Religious Propaganda, Pyrotechnics, Genetic Oddities, and the Kansas Police. What a combo. So, just don't blow yourself up while trying to deal with your spawn baking in that 8,000 lbs prairie love dog of yours while speeding down the road to the church to ask for forgiveness. Or something like that. Maybe I'm having a high altitude relapse.

We crossed from Kansas City, Kansas to Kansas City, Missouri sometime around 9pm. No signs of headaches or mental confusion were present. After a very nutritious and healthy meal at Chili's (ha! mmm.. tasty fried chicken at 900 cals per serving!) we crashed at the hotel.

Tomorrow we'll try to see the Arch in St. Louis. Its hard trying to convince John the Arch is simply a metal structure and not a temporal gateway to a parallel universe.

Party on dudes.

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